Posted by: Katie | November 25, 2009

On the acquisition of office supplies

I really should be going to bed. In fact, I still need to pack for going home to Chicago for the Thanksgiving holiday. But I felt the need to post here. It’s probably due to turning in the last edits, I hope, for the non-fiction book chapter I’ve been working on for the last year. My brain is in writing mode. May it stay that way as I’ve got a couple of fiction projects I need to finish up by the end of this year.

So, why office supplies? I’m addicted. Downright addicted. I’ve yet to meet a pen I don’t like. There are definitely ones I prefer, but I’ll take almost any one that crosses my way. Except at conferences. I learned the painful lesson that I must limit myself to 5 of those a conference. Otherwise my sister will yell at me. (She helped me unpack one year.) When I’m in a store and have time to wander, I invariably find myself walking down the office supply aisle at some point. Providing the store has one. A trip to Staples is a treat. Honestly, my addiction to books and shoes barely beats out the addiction to office supplies.

What is especially bad to have in addition to an office supply habit is a crafting habit. I’ve somehow managed to restrain myself to occasional beading and lots of knitting. Until this weekend. This weekend I took a step down the slippery slope known as scrapbooking. Scrapbooking: the office supply addict’s craft of choice. How can you resist the paper, the pens, the stickers, the punches, the scissors, the paper trimmers?!? Despite having a photography habit on top of everything else (I blame that one on genetics, though), I had resisted scrapbooking for so long. It helped to have a sister-in-law who’s so into scrapbooking and paper crafts that all of our birthday and special occasion cards from her and my brother are homemade. She even has a Cricut!

What happened this weekend, you ask? I hung out with a friend. A knitting friend. Who I knew darn well was also heavily into scrapbooking. I did not get blindsided by this scrapbooking event at my friend’s house. I knew perfectly well what would be happening. I just wanted to hang out with my friend and a friend of hers who I also enjoy spending time with. In fact, I even knew that this little get together would be happening basically as a show for a very popular direct marketing company for scrapbooking supplies. There would be a charge for the project we would be doing, but again, not a problem. Even at the end of the event, the consultant made a point to say to me that I did not have to buy anything, and she would prefer that I didn’t buy anything if I wasn’t going to use it. I got the most basic of supplies, a kit, a “tape runner” and refill cartridge, and a corner rounder punch. I thought, “That’s not so much, and I can totally use that tape runner and refill for other things, too.” See, office supplies.

Tonight, after I had finished those aforementioned edits, I decided to take myself out for a treat. There were a couple more pictures I wanted to add to the project from Saturday and I needed to get some kind of adhesive. Michaels had a 40% off of one item coupon good through tomorrow. Did I limit myself to the adhesive? Of course not. I got a paper trimmer. A nice paper trimmer. When the clerk asked if I was into scrapbooking, I said I only just started. She looked again at the trimmer and I could read the cartoon bubble above her head: “You’re getting this trimmer and you’re only just starting?” My verbal response: “For 40% off, I couldn’t resist. Plus I’m a librarian, so I can always use it for work if I don’t stick with the scrapbooking.” Librarianship: the justification for office supply addiction.


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