Posted by: Katie | December 7, 2009

Thanks Grand Central Forever Romance!

So over on Twitter, Forever Romance had a little contest for Thanksgiving where you posted what you were thankful for and they’d toss you in the hat for a little prize drawing. I posted my usual about being thankful for my quirky family, or something along those lines, and forgot about it. Last Monday, I had a direct message from them asking for my address as I’d won one of the prize packs. Woohoo! I then went and forgot about it again. I came home today and stuck my mailbox key into the mailbox and turned it. Or not. For a minute there, I began to think either the USPS or my apartment complex had gone and changed the lock on me without notice. Wearing gloves because it has gotten quite chilly out this way did not help matters, either. I finally forced the key to turn and discovered that apparently whoever was delivering the mail today decided he would rather stuff a decently-sized package into my mailbox rather than take it to the office for me to pick up there. I wish I’d had my camera with me to take a picture of what it looked like in the mailbox. Since I didn’t, here’s a picture of it when I got it into my apartment. Note, it’s folded in half and had expanded quite a bit.

Prize pack package from Forever Romance

And here are the fabulous contents:

Thanksgiving 2009 Prize Pack from Forever Romance

Prize pack includes:

Thanks again, Forever Romance!


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