Posted by: Katie | December 17, 2009

‘Tis the season!

Well, yeah, for the various winter holidays of whatever your belief system, if any. But that’s not what I’m talking about here. In my neck of the woods ’tis the season for a new calendar! For as much as I love gadgets and other bits of techy hardware, I love my paper calendar. In the last few years, I’ve been unable to find one that uses my ideal layout, but my substitute is close. Part of the draw of a paper calendar for me is the physicalness of it. Not the “must have the smell and texture of paper” variety, but the act of writing down appointments and notes. I have a very spatially-oriented memory, so writing something in a particular space has more meaning for me than typing an appointment into a field. If the day ever comes in my lifetime where mass-produced paper calendars go the way of the dodo, I’ll still go ahead and print out my own for as long as paper is available.

My calendar is also the repository for date-related notes. Namely, my book watchlist. My current calendar is neat in that opposite the page the monthly calendar is on, is a page just for notes for the month. As I have what constitutes a full-size calendar (my 2010 calendar is an inch shorter than the 2009 & it’s the same calendar, just the new year!), I’m not likely to want to lug it with me every time I go to the bookstore. What I do is indulge in my love of Post-It notes. I slap a 4X4″ lined super-sticky note on the notes page for each month, then go through my list of authors I like to read, and mark down on the note “Author’s last name – Title (Day date of release)”. I use the Big A to determine upcoming release dates as I’ve unfortunately yet to find another free source with as complete publishing data. Now, I know publishing dates are subject to change, but this way, I’ve got the title down so even if the date changes, I’ll have a record that I was interested in the title at some point. I need to dig up the list I created at the beginning of this year of the authors who I tend to read, or at least check out their latest offering. I’m hoping it’s sitting in the back of my 2009 calendar. Throughout the year, I’ll go through and add more authors and titles as I hear about them, and make notes on whether I want to look for the title at the library first depending on what I’m hearing through the grapevine of my reader friends. Around July or so, I also do a big push to fill in the last third of the year as the data only goes about 6-7 months out. I’m tempted to do a post at the beginning of the month listing which books I have on my watchlist and their release dates. I’ll have to mull that one over, unless you guys have a strong opinion one way or the other?

So, what few readers there are of you, how do you keep yourself organized in regards to time?


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