Posted by: Katie | June 2, 2010

New Toys

Back at the end of April, Woot offered up refurbished Sony Reader Touch editions for $200. As the list price for this is normally $300, I finally bit the bullet. Plus, I knew I’d be working a lot of hours at the part-time job in May, so I could splurge a little. This is my first dedicated ebook reader, but I’ve been reading ebooks for leisure reading for 10 years now. The last few years I haven’t read that many because the only reading device I’ve had available to me are my computers, and there’s only so much reading I can do on them. At this point, after about a month of solid use, I am really enjoying the Sony. There are definite drawbacks in that not every publisher encodes books the same way, even when using the same format. However, I have been able to increase the number of books I can read in a month because I am able to change the font size to one where I can read the book faster than if it was in print. I don’t see my Sony Reader completely replacing my purchase of print books at this time, but I do expect an increase in the number of books I buy from digital-first publishers.

My other new toy is really a service called NetGalley. They partner with publishers to make electronic advanced reader copies available to reviewers, librarians and educators. I’ve been hearing about them for a while, but since I wasn’t actively seeking out ebooks, I held off on signing up. With getting the Sony, I figured the time was now. I’ve already used the service a few times and have found it to be simple and easy-to-use. What all of this means is that I will be posting more formal reviews on a more regular basis in addition to the monthly round-ups.


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