Posted by: Katie | June 13, 2010

Review: Death Echo

Title: Death Echo

Author: Elizabeth Lowell

Romantic suspense
Publisher: William Morrow

Release Date: 6/8/2010

List Price: $24.99

Source: LibraryThing Early Reviewers

Blurb: An unnamed US intelligence agency strong-arms St. Kilda Consulting to take on the job of identifying who is bringing in the twin to a missing luxury yacht for which they’ve been searching for the last year. Emma Cross is tapped to head the operation, and she’s going to have to rely on MacKenzie Durand, a man with a past and a dislike for intelligence agencies who hang people out to die.

Why I chose this title: I’ve read the other books in the series and have enjoyed Lowell’s work in the past.

Review: In Lowell’s books, she balances a fine line between the romance plot and the action-adventure plot. The latest in her St. Kilda Consulting series is another one where she walks that line superbly and provides a satisfying read. It should be noted the cover of the book has the sub-title “A Novel of Suspense”. I would class her in the same group of writers as Karen Rose, Kay Hooper and Iris Johansen for story style. The heroine, Emma Cross is a smart, intelligent woman who puts her looks to use when possible and lets them fall by the wayside when emphasizing them is not to her advantage. MacKenzie Durand is a likeable hero who respects Emma both as a woman and as a full partner in their enterprise. The suspense portion of the plot reads intelligently. There were times I did feel a bit lost with all of the details of how they were operating the boat. Lowell’s hallmark short chapters keep the pace of the story moving and allows the reader insights into what is happening in the background of Emma and Mac’s operation. This was an overall fun read.

Final thought: A fast-paced action-adventure romance reminiscent of mid-career Robert Ludlum.


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