Posted by: Katie | June 25, 2010

Review: Crazy for Love

Title: Crazy for Love
Author: Victoria Dahl
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Harlequin
Release Date: July 1, 2010
List Price: $7.99
Source: NetGalley

Blurb: In an effort to hide out from the paparazzi who’ve deemed her the Bridezilla From Hell after her former fiance fakes his death to get out of marrying her, Chloe Turner retreats to an island resort cut off from the mainstream. Her next-door neighbor, Max Sullivan, is a modern-day treasure hunter with a few OCD tendencies. As their attraction to each other grows, they must work through past hurts and behaviors.

Why I chose this title: I’ve read Dahl’s other contemporaries have enjoyed them. I also know Dahl from interacting with her on Twitter.

Review: I’m a bit torn on this story. Flat out, it was a well-written story. The characters are believable, friendly and sympathetic. To a point. I really enjoyed getting to know Chloe. She didn’t come off as particularly Bridezilla-ish, but she acknowledged to herself there could have been moments during the planning of the wedding that she may have dipped her toe into the deep end. Self-aware characters make me cheer. Max was my problem. Yes, he’s a great guy. Yes, it’s obvious he loves his younger brother. Yes, it’s obvious he’s a self-aware guy who makes for great hero material as he’s always looking out for those he perceives to be weaker than himself. But that’s just it. He takes his perceptions and magnifies them into “will someone please call the shrink and get this guy on anti-anxiety meds?” I’m happy to see a flawed hero, and I’m happy to see one who is fully aware he’s got *major* issues. I just don’t feel sold that they’re going to have a fully HEA or even an HFN without him getting some serious therapy. Basically, Dahl did her job a little too well for me. With all of that being said, the book read like cotton candy: fun, light and sweet. The secondary characters and the plot surrounding why Chloe was deemed Queen of the Bridezillas were intriguing and deftly handled with regards to the main romance plot. For the read-a-like, I’d recommend this to readers of Tessa Dare’s One Dance with a Duke who enjoyed the flawed hero in that book, and provided they’re willing to cross time settings.

Final thought: A great beach read with characters who are far from perfect.


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