Posted by: Katie | August 15, 2010

July books, August watchlist

I seriously want to know how time slips by so quickly. I should probably read one of Hawking’s books to find out. And I just got sucked into his explanation of his life with ALS, and forgot what I was doing. Okay, then, back to the books I read in July.


  • Love in the Afternoon by Lisa Kleypas – The finale to her Hathaways series, and Beatrix’s book. I thought this was a much stronger book than the two previous. I liked the previous two well-enough, but they seemed to lack the spark this one had for me. I thought Kleypas dealt well with the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder in an effective, but not overbearing way. Especially as her hero is a veteran of the Crimean War which, I think, is considered a turning point of European conflict warfare. Recommended for those who enjoyed Elizabeth Hoyt’s Four Soldiers series for that aspect in addition to the romance.
  • The Search by Nora Roberts – I really enjoyed this. I’d class it with her Northern Lights and Black Hills books for the handling of the setting.
  • The Time Weaver by Shana Abé – I picked this up because I was at the grand opening of a new library branch in my community and it was on the romance new books shelf. I’ve known of Abé for years, but had never read her. I really enjoyed it, but I’m not sure I’ll go back and read the rest in the series. I thought it similar to The Time Traveler’s Wife as it deals with the main character interacting with her spouse at different ages in her life due to her ability to time travel. Abé also had a lyrical command of language.
  • Hot Finish by Erin McCarthy – The latest in her Fast Track NASCAR series. I got this as part of a prize pack from Smart Bitches Sarah. I really wasn’t planning on seeking this out as the second book left me a bit flat (and I had really been looking forward to that one), and I wasn’t sure how the “reunited husband and wife” trope would be played out. It was a fun book. I have a few issues with how Ryder and Suzanne dealt with the reasons why they broke up in the first place, but McCarthy did a good job showing they really did belong together.  It did its job in making me want to continue reading the series, though 😀
  • Lord Perfect by Loretta Chase – I read this in anticipation of her new book which released at the end of July as the new book is a direct sequel. I really enjoyed it. I had tried to read other books in the Carsington series before, but hadn’t connected  to them, so it was a welcome surprise. Classic Chase, and obvious why the new book was highly anticipated.
  • His at Night by Sherry Thomas – I read this almost solely due to it being picked by Smart Bitches Sarah as part of the Sizzling Summer Book Club. I had tried reading one of Thomas’ earlier books, but couldn’t get into it. I enjoyed this one a lot. I think partially because the book I’m currently writing myself has a similar James Bond-ish element, and I’m a total sucker for that trope. Two thumbs up.
  • Hareton Hall by Lynne Connolly – I love romance/mystery series. Adore them. I’m addicted to this one. The latest Richard and Rose book, this one returns them to Rose’s home for the weddings of her sister and her best friend from childhood. Threads of intrigue from previous books come to a head in this one. This is definitely a series I’d recommend reading in order. (Digital only, for now, from the publisher)
  • Miss Foster’s Folly by Alice Gaines – I got this book through NetGalley, so I’ll be doing a fuller review soon. Suffice it to say, I loved this book. It’s a historical with an older heroine who decides to fully live life now that she’s got an inheritance and can do what she pleases. Very spicy. I’ll definitely be looking for more books from the author. (Digital only from the publisher)


  • None! Am still rereading snippets here and there, but other than audiobooks, no full books.

Listened to

  • Cover of Night by Linda Howard – Reread. Love this one. The hero is one of those, silent-and-deceptively-unassuming-but-don’t-mess-with-my-loved-ones types.

Total for July: 9 books, and one short story
Total for the year: 74 books

August watchlist

  1. Wicked Intentions by Elizabeth Hoyt (8/1) – The first in her new “Maiden Lane” series. Hoyt’s books are set in various times of the Georgian era. This one is early-Georgian. Mass market paperback, so buy.
  2. A Little Bit Wild by Victoria Dahl (8/3) – Dahl’s latest historical. I’ve only read her contemporaries, so I decided to check out one of her historicals. Mass market paperback, so potential buy.
  3. Shades of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal (8/3) – John Scalzi is friends with her and linked to the first chapter of this in one of his posts. It’s her first novel, and I decided to check it out. I think the best way to describe it would be Jane Austen meets magic. This is a hardcover, so requested from the library.
  4. Veil of Night by Linda Howard (8/10) – Now, Howard’s last few haven’t hit for me, so I may get this from the library. I have hopes for it though as I really do love Howard. Hardcover.
  5. Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie (8/31) – Crusie’s first new individual effort since 2004’s “Bet Me”. Crusie has yet to disappoint me, so I plan on buying. Hardcover.
  6. Midnight Crystal by Jayne Castle (8/31) – The conclusion to the trilogy (Dreamlight) within a series (Arcane Society). I’ve found all of Krentz’s books written as Jayne Castle to be fun and entertaining, and it made complete sense to me when she pulled the Ghost Hunter books into the Arcane Society world. Mass market paperback, so will be buying.
  7. The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender – Still on hold for this at the library.

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