Posted by: Katie | November 17, 2010

October books, November watchlist

Late as usual, but I’m only now getting back in the groove of things after the insanely busy month that was October. I was in such a rush to post last month’s round up that I left off quite a few books from the watchlist. They’ve been added to this month’s.


  • Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero by Dan Abnett – I picked this up because one of the blurbs called it a cross between Black Adder and Neal Stephenson and I adore Black Adder. This really isn’t my usual cup of tea, but I loved this book. It’s alternative history with a strong sense of humor that leans to the absurd. It’s like an Elizabethan James Bond at points, though it’s set in an alternative 2009/10. Another friend of mine who I gave this to because she also enjoys Blackadder couldn’t get through the first chapter. This is striking me as one of those “YMMV” books. I really hope Abnett writes another Triumff book as I will totally get it.
  • The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook – *SLURP**LOVE**EXPECT TO SEE ON AWARD LISTS* Brook does a fabulous job with a strong entrance into the steampunk romance subgenre. She develops a complex world where she tackles issues of race, sexuality, what it means to be a national hero and more along with creating a satisfying, and at times, gutwrenching, romance.
  • Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie – Crusie calls this her homage to Turn of the Screw, and what little I can remember of that novel (it’s one of the few I’m not certain if I read through all the way or not in high school), this does it justice, with Crusie’s trademark dry sense of humor. Because of all the talk of Turn of the Screw, I had been a bit leery of this title, but this ranks up there with other Crusie classics like Bet Me and Faking It for developing interesting and relatable characters.
  • Veil of Night by Linda Howard – Another one I had been leery about due to what I had heard from other Howard fans. Howard has been very hit or miss for me lately, but I enjoyed this one. I don’t think it’s one I’ll be rereading on a frequent basis as it didn’t quite have the spark I still hope to see from her, but I found it to be an entertaining story.
  • Undeniably Yours by Shannon Stacey – Her follow up to this spring’s Exclusively Yours, I got this through NetGalley’s Advanced Reader Copy program. It was great. Stacey didn’t shy away from the issues affecting a romance due to an unplanned and really unexpected pregnancy. Especially one resulting from a one night stand. The resolution to the story makes me fully believe in the permanency of the relationship to big kudos to Stacey. After two fabulous reads from her, she’s going on my “buy with little question” list.
  • The Accidental Wedding by Anne Gracie – An amnesia story that’s really believable. This is the fourth in her Devil Riders series and makes me look forward to the remaining books in the series. I’ve read the previous books, and as with the previous ones, this struck me as a solid read, but it’s one that doesn’t stick in my memory until I saw it on my “read” list. With the reminder, I remember the book perfectly, but it’s not one that comes spewing out of my mouth as a “you must try this” to anyone and everyone. This is a book I’d definitely place in someone’s hands, as long as it was in line with what else they enjoy reading.


  • None!

Listened to

  • Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie – Yes. I read it this month as well as listened to it. My holds for both the print and the audio at the library came in on the same day. The only thing I’d add to what I said above was that the narrator was great at differentiating the voices. Both by gender and age. Angela Dawe is a reader I’m sticking on my “watch for” list of audiobook narrators.

Total for October: 7 books
Total for the year: 94 books.

November watchlist:

  1. Happy Ever After by Nora Roberts (11/2) – Autobuy. Last of her Bride Quartet series.
  2. Indulgence in Death by J.D. Robb ( 11/2) – Autobuy. Latest in the Eve Dallas series.
  3. When Harry Met Molly by Kieran Kramer (11/2) – New-to-me author that I’ve heard some buzz about on Twitter. Requesting from library.
  4. Styx’s Storm by Lora Leigh (10/5) – Latest in her Breeds series. Requesting from library.
  5. Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord by Sarah MacLean (10/26) – I enjoyed MacLean’s last offering well enough to stick this on my watch list, so requested from the library.
  6. The Reckless Bride by Stephanie Laurens (10/26) – I actually already read the ARC of this via NetGalley, but I want to get a print copy for my collection.
  7. Hunger by Jackie Morse Kessler – heard about it on Twitter and was intrigued by the premise. It’s YA, and I don’t have a good track record of picking out YA that’s good pleasure reading for me. I’m ever hopeful, though.
  8. The Secret of Terror Castle – a middle-grade kids’ mystery recommended to me by Ron Hogan. Library hold.
  9. Trial by Desire by Courtney Milan – Enjoyed her first and decided to check this out also. Library hold.
  10. What a Gentleman Wants by Caroline Linden – Library hold due to this Smart Bitches post.
  11. Impulsive by HelenKay Dimon – Library hold due to Twitter talk.


  1. Just read the Smart Bitches review for What A Rogue Wants. Wow. I put this series on my to-read list. Looking forward to it!

  2. The review for that was so persuasive! The comment of reading What a Gentleman Wants first in order to really understand the character development in What a Rogue Desires struck me, so I’m giving it a chance. I’m juggling three books right now, and this one is losing out to another series I’ve been reading, but what little I’ve read of it so far is pretty good.

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