Posted by: Katie | December 12, 2010

2011 Reading “Plan”

This “plan” is similar to my aspiration of reading 104 books in 52 weeks this year. For this year, I honestly did not try to read just to read, but to see if this was my likely average amount of reading in a year depending on how the load “felt” compared to years when I know I read a fair amount, but didn’t keep track. Already I can say with a fair amount of certainty that it is. As you all have probably noted by now, romance is by far my favorite genre. I stick my toe into other genres, namely mystery and fantasy, but there’s usually a romantic subplot to those stories. It’s what fulfills me as a reader.

For 2011, I’m going to head back outside of my “home” genre. I did this back in 2007 when I was on the Reading List Council, an American Library Association award committee for the best of genre fiction. Honestly, that year on the award committee burned me out on reading in general, and reading outside of my genre in particular. Now that I’m back up to my pre-committee reading levels for enjoyment, I want to bring back the practice of expanding my horizons. The committee will be choosing the winners at ALA’s Mid-Winter meeting in San Diego next month. I really wish I could be there because, hey, San Diego! (I’ve never been.) And because I miss seeing my fellow RA peeps in person. ALA’s pretty good about getting the list posted soon after it’s announced, so I’ll probably be reposting it here when that happens. My plan for 2011, such as it is, is to read the winner of each genre (if I haven’t already), and at least one title on the shortlist for that genre. I’ve got 12 months to read, and 8 genres, 1 of which I read widely in already, so this is a very doable plan, and one that won’t burn me out. Anyone want to join me in discussions of the winners and shortlist next year? If so, I’ll post a schedule for when we’ll do each genre.



  1. This sounds excellent and I’m always looking for a way to force myself to read outside my “genre comfort zone”! Please keep me updated on the list, I’d love to join you.

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