Posted by: Katie | March 20, 2011

February books

Since I’m posting this so late in the month, I’m not going to do the March watchlist as I want to get this posted. February was an extremely light reading month for me. This is primarily because it took a long time for me to read one of the books, and secondly, I started a lot of books and set them aside for whatever reason, and also reread a fair amount of scenes from books without reading the whole book.


  • The Nearest Exit by Olen Steinhauer – I read this as part of my attempt at reading all of the Reading List Council 2011 winners. It was a very enjoyable read and reminded me of why I was so hooked on Robert Ludlum books when I was in high school. My fuller review will be up after this.


  • Ravished by Amanda Quick – This is the one with the paleontologist heroine. It had been a while since I had read it and as I was already on a bit of a rereading kick, I added it to the list.

Listened to

  • I don’t have any noted, which is a pain because I know I got at least one listened to. Oh, well 🙂

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