Posted by: Katie | June 10, 2011

May books, June watchlist

A little late, but not horribly. May was definitely slow reading for me for print, paper or electronic, and June is shaping up to be that way as well. Due to some unexpected, and possibly extended, time off in July, I expect to rectify the situation then. During which time I will be haunting the area libraries and probably NetGalley. But you’re not hear to read about my far (relatively)-future reading endeavors. Let’s get to it.


  • The Chase by Erin McCarthy – Latest in her Fast Track series. This left me feeling a bit off. The book was enjoyable, but it’s a bit like brain candy. It’s perfect if you’re in the mood for it, but may leave a bit of an aftertaste of not feeling as fulfilled as you expected to be. I do expect to keep reading the series.
  • One Magic Moment by Lynn Kurland – I’ve been reading this series since before I went off to grad school ten years ago (eeep!), and I took all of the books that were in it at the time with me to my very cramped apartment. All of this to say I am very loyal to this series. This was a solid and, again, enjoyable book, but I feel like it didn’t quite have the spark earlier books in the series had. Maybe it’s run its course (yes, I know a couple of people who will bitchslap me for that statement.)
  • Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison – I picked this up because of the buzz on Twitter. Considering how embedded I am in the romance reading world on that site, I couldn’t have run away from it if I had tried. It was a very fun book. Very much what I look for in this style of paranormal romance: solid worldbuilding, engaging authorial voice, a fierce heroine who is smart enough to know when to be scared, and a hot hero who is also smart enough to know when there is the potential that he’s screwing something up. I will totally be looking forward to the next book which will be out in August (Storm’s Heart). Also, I need to make better friends with Cindy Hwang as apparently I read probably 80% of her list.
  • My Dangerous Pleasure by Carolyn Jewel – Reviewed.
  • Just the Sexiest Man Alive by Julie James – I’ve been reading James since last year, but hadn’t read her backlist, and had interviewed her for the part-time job. She had originally written JSMA as a screenplay and had gotten a Hollywood agent for it. They realized it would work better as a novel, so she reworked it into the appropriate format and ta-da, her authorial debut! This is a deceptively light book. There’s the glitz and glam of the Hollywood lifestyle, but James doesn’t let her characters coast on their good looks and apparent talent. The hero does come off as an ass, but he does realize what a jerk he is being and works through his issues. This isn’t to say the heroine doesn’t have her issues as well. If you like contemporary romance, run out and grab this book.
  • Hounded by Kevin Hearne – I almost forgot to put this in because I had forgotten to record it in my LibraryThing account. However, it did make my Book Recs list, so I know for sure when I read it 😀 This is the first in a back-to-back-to-back trilogy for this debut author. I know I say books are fun, a lot. This is because I when I read, I read to be entertained, so I want a book to be fun. This was. I had run across it on John Scalzi’s Big Idea feature and I liked the author’s voice. It carried through into his fiction, and I *highly* recommend it if you like irreverent, though not fluffy, books. C’mon, when the telepathic dog, who is in all other ways a normal dog, is quoting Eric Cartman, you know it’s got to be good. I’m going to try find a copy of the audio version of it to see how well the author’s voice translates to that medium.
  • His Lady Mistress by Elizabeth Rolls – This was one of the original free Harlequin books from the part-time job, so I was annotating it for work. A Harlequin Historical, it had a lot going for it, but toward the end I wanted to smack the hero and heroine’s heads together to get them to actually talk with each other. I would have kept reading to the end, even if it hadn’t been for the job, because the author’s voice is very engaging and I’ll keep an eye out for her other books.
  • Liberating Lacey by Anne Calhoun (E) – This came out last year and got a lot of buzz. I had won it as a giveaway during one of SB Sarah’s Summer Book Club chat prizes. I finally got around to reading it after reading her short stories (which I really enjoyed), and I loved this book, too. There’s an emotionally-dark edge to all of Calhoun’s stories which accentuates the sexual tension. Even though this was a full-length novel, the tension never lost intensity. The trope of older woman/younger man was carried off very well in this book, and Calhoun’s been added to my aut0-buy list. Oh yeah, erotic romance for those who are/n’t into that subgenre.


  • No print rereads for me this month

Listened to

  • Midnight Crystal by Jayne Castle – After Burning Lamp in April, I wanted to listen to the futuristic in that “trilogy within a series”. Part of the Arcane Society series.
  • Running Hot by Jayne Ann Krentz – The heroine in this book is referenced in Midnight Crystal, so it went from there. Part of the Arcane Society series.


  • No novellas this month

Total read in May: 10
Total read in 2011: 49

June watchlist:

  1. Yours to Keep by Shannon Stacey (E) (6/6) – The latest in her Kowalski family series. I believe it may be the last, too. Contemporary romance.
  2. Nightfall by Ellen Connor (6/7) – I’ll give this a try because I like one of the authors (it’s co-written under one name) other alter-egos. Romance in the midst of the apocalypse.
  3. Hexed by Kevin Hearne (6/7) – Second in the Iron Druid trilogy. Urban fantasy.
  4. Silk is for Seduction by Loretta Chase (6/28) – I’m a sucker for Chase, and this is the first in a new series. Historical romance.
  5. A Lady’s Lesson in Scandal by Meredith Duran (6/28) – I’ve been told I must read Duran, and this is her next one. Historical romance.


  1. Well, you may think you’re not reading much, but you’re certainly way ahead of me!

    • LOL! It’s when I’ve got things like conferences that eat up a chunk of my reading time that makes me think: I could have read more! Plus I’ve got friends who are speed readers, so I always feel inadequate next to them 🙂

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