Posted by: Katie | August 10, 2011

Highlanders and Barbies

Hopefully, you will all have realized by now how much I love my romance novels. Beyond the novels themselves, I also love the romance community. The readers and authors are warm, friendly, supportive, and funny women and men. This past March one of our beloved community members, Fatin, lost her husband in a senseless crime. The romance community gathered together to raise money to help Fatin with whatever she needed. One of the prizes in this charity auction was a customized book trailer by author Tessa Dare. Tessa had gained some fame for the book trailer she’d created for her Stud Club trilogy. This was a *fabulous* auction item. I bid. I bid, for me, a lot of money. I was the top bidder for almost a good 24 hours. And then I breathed a sigh of relief because I’d been outbid. I could have afforded the money (though it would have made some things very tight), but by me being outbid, that also meant Fatin got more money to help her. In absolute gratitude for being outbid, I told Tessa that I’d be willing to be one of the book blogging hosts of the winning trailer. The winner? The fabulous Maya Banks. Maya’s got a new back-to-back-to-back trilogy out this fall. Tessa’s done yet another phenomenal job with the book trailer. Enjoy!


For more information on this intriguing series:

Maya Banks – http://www.mayabanks.comThe McCabe Trilogy

For more information on Operation Auction:



  1. Thank you so much for posting it, Katie! All the support from bloggers like you is definitely what drove up the bidding. I was honored that you bid on it at all. (I was similarly outbid for your scones, btw)

    And In Bed with a Highlander is a great read, for serious.

  2. This made me snort for a protracted time.

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