Posted by: Katie | July 3, 2012

June books, July watchlist

Once again, you can see the results when stress is removed from my life. Totaling these up, I’ve read nearly three times as many titles this last month than I averaged the four months previous. With going to a lot of library and publishing conferences this past spring, my reading of advanced reader copies has certainly gone up, too. Now that it’s mid-year (YIKES!), I also need to assess where I’m at with upcoming books and add the ones I want to my watchlist.


  • Oracle’s Moon by Thea Harrison – This is the fourth full novel in Harrison’s Elder Races series, and while I’ve enjoyed all of the books, this entry brought back a bit of the spark of the first book, “Dragon Bound”. I’m definitely still intrigued by the world and can’t wait to see what she does next, especially as it’s a revisit to Dragos and Pia of “Dragon Bound” which is an unusual move in a romance series.
  • Lisbon by Lynne Connolly – The finale in the Richard and Rose series. I came late to R&R, maybe halfway through? I’ve really enjoyed my time with this couple. I’d love to see more romance series spend a few books with one couple as they navigate past the HEA/HFN ending.
  • God Save the Queen by Kate Locke – I got this as an ARC at the RT convention in April. Once I finally started it, I sucked it down and can’t wait for the second! The world is a fun spin on urban fantasy/alternative history/steampunk. I always enjoy these more when there’s a strong romantic element involved, and this delivered in spades. Out 7/3 (today!).
  • The Lady Risks All by Stephanie Laurens – Another ARC from the publisher. This is the spin-off of the Bastion Club and Black Cobra Quartet series featuring semi-underworld gambling czar, Roscoe. It satisfied my Laurens-addiction. Out 9/25.
  • The Theory of Attraction by Delphine Dryden – ARC from the publisher. I discovered Del last year thanks to a sale by one of her publishers (not this one), and got to meet her in person at the RT convention. She is a fabulous lady, but even better, a fabulous storyteller. This story is for people who love “The Big Bang Theory” and erotic fiction. Out 7/9.
  • I’ll Catch You by Farrah Rochon – I read this as part of Sarah’s RITA Reader Challenge and loved it. After I finished it, I went out and got the rest of the series and am now making my way through them.
  • Night of Fire by Nico Rosso – Ooops! I forgot to add this in because I forgot to mark it as read as this got read during one of my multiple internet outages at home.  This is the second in the Ether Chronicles series that he switches off writing duties with his wife, Zoe Archer. This is a western and was very enjoyable. It’s similar to Skies of Fire, Zoe’s first entry in the series, in that it’s about reunited lovers. If you like a western aesthetic to your steampunk, you’ll like this.
  • Flesh and Blood by Kristen Painter – This is the second in her House of Comarre series. I’ve had this and the next one since January or so, and with the way my schedule ended up being, never got around to reading them. I kept thinking about continuing the series whenever I was at home. Sadly, when I moved in the spring, I had brought some books into the office for safe keeping and these were among them. I finally took them home with me one weekend. As soon as I opened this book, I was back in the world of Chrysabelle and Mal. I love the strong female protagonist and the strong romance, even though this is assuredly not a romance series. Even better, I’m loving the fresh spin on vampire culture/mythology.
  • Bad Blood by Kristen Painter – Third in the series. I immediately sucked it down as soon as I finished Flesh and Blood. I’m actually a little glad now that I waited so long to read them as I don’t have to wait as long for the next book to come out.


  • Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh – First in her Guild Hunter series. I seem to have a problem with reading this first as I read it last of the first three the first time around and did it again with the reread. Fabulous heroine.
  • Archangel’s Kiss by Nalini Singh – Second in the Guild Hunter series, and the one that hooked me. Continuation of Elena and Raphael’s story.
  • Archangel’s Consort by Nalini Singh – Third in the Guild Hunter series and again focusing on Elena and Raphael. Notice a trend in my liking of same hero & heroine?

Listened to

  • None


  • Devil’s Gate by Thea Harrison – I think this is the third novella in the Elder Races series. It was a nice bite of the world, and I loved the hero and heroine.
  • Selections from Agony/Ecstasy edited by Jane Litte – What stories I’ve read so far, I’ve greatly enjoyed. I’ve read a smattering of authors I’ve read before. What’s really intriguing to me is the inclusion of authors I know, but who aren’t known for erotica necessarily, ie. Meljean Brook and HelenKay Dimon. Perfect for those looking to sample the current state of erotic fiction.

Total read in June: 14
Total read in 2012: 55

July watchlist:

  1. Samurai Game by Christine Feehan (7/3) – I think this will be the deal breaker on if I stick with this series of Feehan. The first test will be if I pick it up in the first place.
  2. The Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (7/10) – My take on this story was in the write up of May’s books which is the post previous to this one.
  3. Haven by Kay Hooper (7/31) – It’s been a year and a half since Hooper’s last book, and I had started to wonder if she had quit writing. I’m looking forward to see what this book has in store as I love the Bishop/SCU series.

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