Posted by: Katie | August 14, 2012

Resume review service and more

I’ve got a new section of the website up and running as you may or may not have seen. I am now in the business of reviewing resumes. You may be asking what makes what I will be doing different from services such as NMRT’s Resume Review Service (lots of great job hunting resources there!)? First, what I will be offering is a very tailored service. I will help you craft a resume and cover letter to a specific position. It’s my hope that through the process we go through, you will learn the skills needed to craft future job applications. I have ten years experience working in public libraries, a consulting agency and a government library. Which also means I have tons of experience in writing resumes and cover letters 🙂 Beyond my job history, I am also a published writer of non-fiction articles and book chapters and fiction under a pseudonym. If you’re going to survive in the writing business, you had better learn how to edit. I provide constructive and instructive critiques. All of this to say you will have someone at your back who understands the nature of the current job market, knows what different types of libraries are looking for in a candidate, and is a kick ass editor.

The nitty-gritty details are available here: Consulting Services

Even if you’re not currently looking yourself, you probably know someone who is, so please pass this on to them as well. Thanks!


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