Posted by: Katie | August 19, 2012

July books

Looking at this by sheer numbers, July was on the low end for me. However, two of those books–the Harkness All Souls trilogy ones–were big fat doorstoppers. Since it’s so late in the month, I’m not doing an August watchlist…also because I need to update my list of what’s on it for the second half of the year.


  • All for You by Lynn Kurland – Latest in her de Piaget family chronicles. This series is one of my candy ones where I greatly enjoy it as I’m reading, but falls a little flat as soon as I finish.
  • A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness – Yes, I know. I’m a year behind on reading this. I picked this up because the publisher ran a sale on the electronic edition in preparation for the release of the sequel. $2.99 was a damn good deal for a book this size! As I was not expecting this book to be a romance, even though there’s a strong and important romance plot line, all of the various storytelling elements worked well for me. As for the ending, let’s just say I was very glad to have the second book ready and waiting for me.
  • Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness – I had gotten this as an ARC from the publisher a while back. Hence why I finally decided to read book one (in addition to the sale price). I liked the way Harkness took the story back to the Elizabethan Age. She didn’t shy away from the realities of the time and all of the story lines came together well for me. To a point. And sadly that point was toward the end. I ended the book feeling frustrated that some major events that happened to the secondary characters were mentioned and then glossed over. As this series is not strictly in first person, I felt that at least one of the really big events could have been included within the scope of the story.
  • Huddle With Me Tonight by Farrah Rochon – This is the first in Rochon’s New York Sabers series, and I picked it up after reading the second one for the Smart Bitches RITA review series. Like “I’ll Catch You”, the main characters act like adults. Even when they periodically revert to childish behavior, it never lasts long.
  • The Desperate Game by Jayne Castle – The first in the Genevieve Jones series from the 1980’s. I’ve heard about this series for years, and was so excited to see that it was being reissued as an ebook. This is definitely a book from the 80’s, but you can see why Genevieve was such a standout heroine for the time.
  • Field of Pleasure by Farrah Rochon – Third in the New York Sabers series. Seriously, just run out and buy this series. They’re all fabulous!


  • None

Listened to

  • None


  • “A Return Engagement” by Stephanie Laurens in the Royal Bridesmaids anthology – This was a sweet story of reunited lovers. ARC from the publisher.
  • “Lord Lovedon’s Duel” by Loretta Chase in the Royal Bridesmaids anthology – Trademarked Chase humor carried this story. ARC from the publisher.
  • True Colors by Thea Harrison – Technically a reread. Great little murder mystery.

Total read in July: 9
Total read in 2012: 64


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