Posted by: Katie | January 6, 2013

Year in Reading, 2012 edition

Totaling up the reads for the year resulted in 102 titles for 2012. This only includes books and novellas I finished. For short stories, if they are part of an anthology, there’s a 50/50 shot that I’ll record reading them. Quite a few of the short stories I read this year didn’t get recorded because there wasn’t an easy way for me to tag them in LibraryThing by themselves. There were quite a few books I started but never finished, let alone all of the books I skim as part of my job. Most of the unfinished books are ones I plan on going back to as they got caught in my depressive mood of the last third of the year where I ended up buffeting books rather than finishing.

The majority of the books I read fell somewhere in the romance spectrum. Many were straight up romances, and those that weren’t tended to have a strong romance element to them. The short stories in anthologies that I mentioned above that didn’t get recorded? Those tended to be erotica or erotic romance. This is what I like to read for pleasure and it’s really hard to dynamite me out of my wallow zone. I’ve tried. The only time I was able to do it was when I was on an award committee, and that frankly burned me out on reading. Since I’m not one for reading broadly, I do try to read deeply. I still don’t have time for everything. Once again, MacArthur Foundation, if you’re listening, I’d like a genius grant to study the current state of genre literature in America. Thanks!

Getting back to that 102 titles read. Looking over past years stats, this is pretty on par for me. I think I would have read more this year were it not for the depressive episode. However, I also am beginning to see that I generally get hit with at least one of those episodes every year. I’m lucky in that the general cure for me just seems to be the passage of time. For getting out of the buffeting of books habit it results in, that seems to be rereading books that I know I love and enjoy.

This year is shaping up to be a good year, if a busy one. I’m curious to see how my plan of trying to keep my schedule clear after July will affect how much I read. For me, the “reading goals” thing has rarely worked in the past. If anything, it’s not the amount of reading I do being an issue, it’s that if I’m not sucked in by a book that is outside of my comfort zone, I’m not likely to read it at an appreciable speed, and then will get caught in a circle of “no, should finish this book…but I’m only plodding along with it!” When that happens, it’s not pretty.

When ALA’s The Reading List gets announced later this month, I do plan on updating the Genre Book Challenge info with the new titles, but I’m going to rethink how/if I approach it myself this coming year. So that’s my summary of 2012. How was yours?



  1. “Once again, MacArthur Foundation, if you’re listening, I’d like a genius grant to study the current state of genre literature in America. Thanks!”

    And one for me, too!

    I am definitely one for the “I don’t like this but I should finish it but I’ll do it sooo slowly because I don’t like it,” and I keep trying to give myself permission to quit books, but it’s hard. I also read romance books for comfort, and have recently been realizing just how much of a mood reader I actually am.

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