Posted by: Katie | February 11, 2013

A “secret” comes out…kind of

If you follow me on Twitter, you likely already know that I’ve been working on an article for Library Journal on the erotica genre. My joy knew no bounds when I was informed it was selected by the editorial board to be the cover feature for the issue–February 15, 2013.  The cover artist’s design is spicy, no?

Cover for February 15, 2013 Library Journal featuring a pencil/chalk drawing of a partially-clad man and woman behind bookshelves. The woman is wearing a mask and has a whip. The man is wearing a studded collar.

The article went live online today: Erotica: Full-Frontal Shelving. I am really looking forward to seeing the reactions from people both to the cover and the article. So far everyone who has seen either or both has been very positive, and I hope that continues. I am not naïve enough to think there won’t be pushback, but I hope people will see the article as useful to the decisions they make for their libraries whichever way they fall on the divide. All I ask of library professionals is that they make an informed decision about collection options. I fully recognize for some collections erotica is not the best option, but as long as library staff choose that route as fully informed as they can be, more power to them.

Some readers may note in the bio my “coming out” as an author of erotic fiction. Yes, I have been published under a pseudonym for over five years and even have a story in a recently released anthology. There are family reasons why I continue to choose to keep my pseudonym as separate from my real name as possible. At least publicly online. I’m happy to tell people my pen name in person. With this article and some potential future projects, there might be some further blurring of the dividing line of my personalities, but I will continue to do my best to keep my fiction as fiction 🙂

If you do have any commentary about the article, please toss it in LJ’s direction so my editor and her higher ups can see! Thanks!

PS – If you are a librarian and your library collects sex materials (books, videos, magazines, fiction, non-fiction), please consider participating in this research survey:



  1. I love your practice of hiding your pseudonym. Mine is from the 80s, well before I became a Librarian. I am vehement that my two identities will never be linked.

  2. Katie, loved the article I follow you on twitter too. Ps. I will miss working with your mom (one classy lady who hired a super-pregnant school-librarian 6 years ago. All us up at the Ref. Desk love seeing your name in print! (hint hint, I’d love to see what other names you might have in print too.)

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