Posted by: Katie | March 3, 2013

February reads

For a moment, I thought this was going to take over as my month with the least reads. You may notice my math for the total reads doesn’t quite match up from last month. This is because I read a short story as part of a new anthology of short stories back in January, but hadn’t marked it down since it was part of a set. Well, I decided I’d go ahead and count it in the total because I’ve read almost all of the other stories in the anthology when they were originally released as individual digital shorts. This month also was short on reads because I had so little reading time. I spent a good chunk of February dealing with outside work projects, and when I could read, I wasn’t reading as quickly as I normally do. My outside project work load has lightened considerably for the time being which means an uptick in reading time! Watch, I’ll probably have the same stats for March as for February despite having more days to read just because I said that.


  • The Emperor’s Conspiracy by Michelle Diener – This was such a fast-paced book for me. It’s not really romance, but it’s also not super heavy historical, and there’s some suspense thrown in for kicks, too. I definitely plan on seeking out more of this author.
  • The Queen is Dead by Kate Locke – Second in her Immortal Empire series. I am very pleased to report the sophomore effort absolutely lived up to the first book. Second books in series, even by authors who have published other series and aren’t new to the game (Locke is also published as Kady Cross, Kate Cross and Kathryn Smith), are often iffy as to continuing the magic of the first book. This is definitely a series to watch.
  • The Last Renegade by Jo Goodman – Enjoyable. I’ve talked before about this one trope of Goodman’s that gets a bit on my nerves, but I accept it as part of the reading experience with her books. This book was one of the easier ones to read in terms of that trope, and I really enjoyed the lead male character. As her next scheduled book is also set in the same town as this one, I’m looking forward to revisiting these engaging characters.


  • None.

Listened to

  • Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer – you will pry this audiobook (and one other) from my cold, dead hands. This is one of two audiobooks that I try to make a point to listen to at least once a year because they give me such joy.


  • With This Kiss, Parts One, Two & Three by Eloisa James – eARCs from publisher – This is going to be released in serialized format, so if that publication schedule annoys you, wait until it’s packaged up together. This was a sweet story and typical James. If you enjoyed The Ugly Duchess and the novella Seduced by a Pirate, definitely pick this up. It can stand on its own from those two, but I don’t know that I’d recommend this as an intro to James’ work.


  • None

Total read in January: 7
Total read in 2013: 19


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