Posted by: Katie | December 31, 2013

2013 in books

So, my first book read in 2013 was a children’s book (The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce) and the last book I finished in 2013 was a children’s book (Flying Solo: How Ruth Elder Soared into America’s Hearts by Julie Cummins). There’s an obvious reason why I was never a math major (in fact, I got out of having to take the “remedial” math class in college by taking Stats). I just broke down the types of books I read in 2013. However, the total did not match the one I listed in the previous post done less than an hour ago. I went back through, and I messed up first in February by including the bullet points for the nones in my count, and somehow added an additional book in the total through the course of the year. Which means, my total read for 2013 is 75 and not 78. However, it’s a nice round number.

The breakdown of the types of books I read were:

  • 32 “Reads” which are essentially new-to-me novels.
  • 8 “Rereads” which are novels I’ve read at least once before the tally year.
  •  15 “Listened tos” which are audiobooks of any length, but typically are novels.
  • 12 “Novellas” which are typically under 40,000 words in length.
  • 8 “Children’s” which generally are picture books.

As usual, the overwhelming number of books I read were romance novels, though I do not keep specific count of genres. This year saw the month with the lowest number of total reads (4 in October), and is the lowest total since the year after I came off of a book award to committee. I did not keep annual counts before the committee year. The biggest reason for the decrease in total is because I recommitted to my writing career and focused on producing more rough work. I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams by writing just over 180,000 words. A little more than 175,000 of those words were written since June 1st. A number of those stories were polished up, edited, and submitted to various venues and one story was accepted for publication in an upcoming anthology. Since this is my fiction, feel free to ask me in person what my pseudonym is. If writing more means reading less, then I’ll have to accept that trade off. I’m eyeing 2015 as the year where I take a few vacation days from the day job and do nothing but work on decreasing the “to be read” pile. How was your 2013?


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