Posted by: Katie | February 1, 2014

January reads

New year, fresh start! I had a bit of a hard time sorting out what I wanted to start reading at the beginning of the year. I ended up deciding to ease myself into the new year with a couple of rereads. That helped. I think this year is going to see me reading more novellas and shorter novels, but we’ll see what gets published 😀


  • Thankless in Death by JD Robb – I’m all caught up in the series!! I really liked this one as it played with the concept of family and celebrations.
  • Romancing the Duke by Tessa Dare – Full disclosure: I’m listed in the acknowledgements. However, this caught me by surprise when I opened the ebook to read it as I was waiting on the dentist to fit me with a temporary crown. As I wanted to keep reading the book while my mouth was pried open and getting worked on, that should give you an idea as to how addictive this story is. With *many* nods to fan fiction and the romance community, this is a very fun read.
  • River Road by Jayne Ann Krentz – This was an interesting read for me. JAK’s avoided paranormal elements for the first time in about five years, so this is a straight romantic suspense. What really struck me is that the main characters, while absolutely feeling adult, definitely felt younger than me–though absolutely appropriate for their ages. Definite props to JAK on that.


  • Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero by Dan Abnett – When I realized this was the first time I’ve reread this book, I was a bit surprised. I really enjoy the crazy, almost madcap, adventure of it. What I was able to put my finger on is that this is a tough book to read due to the use of language. The fun is absolutely worth it, but it does take a bit longer to read than other books.
  • Archangel’s Storm by Nalini Singh – Another first reread of this book for me. I love Jason, and was shocked that I hadn’t reread it before. Then I got to the section at the end of the book which is like ten pages of ugly cry. Fabulous book, and worth it, but yeah, have the tissues ready.


  • None finished


  • Ashes & Alchemy by Cindy Spencer Pape – the latest in her Gaslight Chronicles series. I really enjoyed this one and look forward to the next one. I like that she stepped out of the inner circle she’s been dealing with in the last few stories, while at the same time still smoothly incorporating them into the story.


  • A Splash of Red: The Life and Art of Horace Pippin by Jen Bryant – Very interesting picture book. Great story of how to find a way to do what you love after significant disadvantages–in this case, no opportunity for formal training and permanent injury.

Total read in January: 7
Total read in 2014: 7


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