Posted by: Katie | June 1, 2014

May reads

It’s a wonder that I’ve read as much as I have this month as alter ego spent a week in New Orleans attending the RT Booklovers Convention, and I just got home yesterday from four and a half days in New York for Book Expo America. Obviously, the depressive bug that hit me and that I talked about in my last post has gone into remission.


  • What Angels Fear by CS Harris – I’ve been meaning to try this series for years. I can’t remember what made me finally read this, but I think I may have gotten the ebook on sale for something like $3. Suffice it to say that when I was coming out of the depressive episode, I wanted to try something new. This worked very well for me on a number of levels. I’ve got a soft spot for historicals where a main character is dealing with PTSD. I don’t know why, but I find it intriguing how an author deals with a condition that is relatively well-known, if not that well-understood, today, but few people could even claim to begin to understand prior to World War I. I like the range of characters in this series, and Sebastian St. Cyr is an intriguing main character. First in the Sebastian St. Cyr mystery series.
  • When Gods Die by CS Harris – Second in the series, this cements Sebastian’s interest in investigation beyond him having an immediate personal stake in discovering the truth of the matter.
  • Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop – This is the second in the series centering around the Others. I’ve heard about it from friends since the first, Written in Red, came out last year. You’ll note that I haven’t recorded Written in Red. This is because I annotated it for work and have yet to carve out the time to go back and read it fully. However, after annotating Written in Red, I *had* to find out what else is going on with the characters and brought MoC home with me. I promptly read the entire book that night and was up *way* too late. In other words, this is a series made of crack if you like urban fantasy.
  • It Happened One Wedding by Julie James – Fifth in her FBI/US Attorney connected series and another author that I find crackalicious. I waited until the RT Booklovers Convention so I could get a signed copy of this. I read about a chapter that night before I had to set it aside to continue with convention activities. I saved the rest of it for my plane trip home. I was thankful when the plane was delayed in getting into the gate once we were back on the ground at home so that I’d have more reading time. I read the last page as my second checked bag was making its way to me on the carousel. Julie writes fabulously sweet (in terms of the emotion, because she can write a damn hot sex scene) romance with characters who are assertive in what they want out of life. For fans of contemporary romance. Also, I bought a gift copy of the ebook for my parents, neither of whom are romance readers, to share with them a story I really, really enjoyed reading. Also, James has dropped in a couple of Easter eggs to books not directly part of the series.
  • Otherwise Engaged by Amanda Quick – This reminded me of Quick’s early novels from 1990s which I read in high school. Definitely a modern take, and I think one that might be enjoyed by many readers of historical romance. Though, I think the appreciation level might be higher with long-time Quick readers.


  • Love Irresistibly by Julie James – After reading IHOW, I decided I absolutely needed to reread at least this story which is the one immediately previous to IHOW. This reread then snowballed into the next two. Suffice it to say, that if you like one Julie James book, make time to binge on them.
  • Something About You by Julie James – The first of James’ FBI/US Attorney connected books.
  • A Lot Like Love by Julie James – The second in the series.

Listened to

  • None


  • The Kraken King, Part IV: The Kraken King and the Inevitable Abduction by Meljean Brook – see part 7
  • The Kraken King, Part V: The Kraken King and the Iron Heart by Meljean Brook – see part 7
  • The Kraken King, Part VI: The Kraken King and the Crumbling Walls by Meljean Brook – see part 7
  • The Kraken King, Part VII: The Kraken King and the Empress’s Eyes by Meljean Brook – As this serial continues on, I grow more and more impressed with Brook’s writing ability. She’s cemented me as a fan and I will trust her wherever she wants to lead me. I’ve greatly anticipated each Tuesday since the first part released and was cursing myself for forgetting to download part five before I left my apartment to fly to New Orleans. I thanked the airport gods for the free wifi. If you do not like cliffhangers (and see Brook’s discussion of how she defines them), you might want to save reading part seven until part eight releases, but that’s in two days, so most of you should be okay 🙂 This is definitely a serial (it will be released as a full novel at some point in the next year) that will appeal to fans of adventure science fiction (steampunk) stories.


  • None

Total read in May: 12
Total read in 2014: 34


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