Posted by: Katie | December 1, 2014

October and November reads

I’m squarely placing the blame of me not updating the October reads list on the fact that I was at home for a family-ish wedding the five days around November 1st. I thought I’d read more in October than I really did, and the only thing I can think of is that I started reading a lot more books than I finished, and I also reread a bunch of scenes from books rather than the whole book. I would have totally updated once I got home except writing alter ego got caught up in the frenzy that is Nanowrimo. Reading time consequently was compromised, but I still managed to get some new reads in. Funnily enough, there seem to be a couple of glitches with my tags in my LibraryThing account as two books I *know* I read in November aren’t coming back when I do a search combining the year (part of the tag) and the month (standalone tag). I may need to do an accounting at the end of the year to confirm that I have the correct numbers. Especially as I discovered I forgot to add a novella back in May and it’s included on this list.


  • Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh – I was a bit leery of this because it’s described as being New Adult, and I’m not exactly a fan of New Adult, but it’s Nalini, so I gave it a try. I loved it. I really, really loved it.
  • Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor – I saw talk about this on Twitter and decided to give it a shot even though it’s not my usual cup of tea. It was very enjoyable, and I think I’m going to try the related story. What really interested me was how much I think the author got right about the kids. I’m the oldest of five and I clearly remember a family vacation when I was six (though Mom wasn’t as far along with #5 as the heroine is in this story) and mom had to wrangle the four of us for most of it by herself. However, my dad was at a convention (it was at/near Disney World, hence, the family tagging along) and not dead like the father of the kids in this story. What I also liked about it is the fact that the hero is a Navy SEAL, but the focus of the story isn’t on him being a SEAL–though it does come into play at the appropriate points.
  • Only by HelenKay Dimon – Sequel to Mercy, and really good. But in a different way. I think it’s because of the heroine’s age and different experiences than the heroine of the previous story. I’m *really* excited that there will be two more stories in this world, a novella and a full-length novel.
  • By Winter’s Light by Stephanie Laurens – ARC provided by author/publisher – I’m going to say this is only for fans of the Cynsters. It is very clearly a transition story. The “core” romance could have very easily have been a novella, and if you pull out the parts with the core romance, it’s probably only novella-length. A good deal of the story is setup for the upcoming novels and transition to the next generation of Cynsters.
  • Archangel’s Shadows by Nalini Singh – LOVED. However, I have yet to be disappointed by any of Nalini’s books in the Guild Hunter world. At the same time, this is probably in the first one or two of the non-Raphael & Elena stories that I’d go back and reread if I didn’t reread the series in order.


  • Romancing Mr. Bridgerton by Julia Quinn – I’m not quite sure how I got sucked into rereading this, but it was available on the Scribd app for which I got a 3-month trial, and my paper copy is in storage in Chicago. This is probably my favorite of all of the Bridgertons and I’m definitely going to hold on to Scribd even after the subscription kicks in.

Listened to

  • The Dark Enquiry by Deanna Raybourn – I technically read the last two chapters in the paper copy I happened to have had lying around thanks to a booksigning or conference in the last few years. I did that so I could count it amongst my November reads 🙂 The audiobook was through work, so no comment on the narration. I think this is the final full-length novel in Lady Julia Grey series, but Raybourn’s left the world open for her to easily return to it if she wants to.


  • The Kraken King: Part VIII by Meljean Brook – This is the May read. I may have been a bit too excited when reading it and went immediately back to reread this part without updating my reading list.
  • Rock Courtship by Nalini Singh – I adored this story. What really makes it is the memos between David and Thea. Even better is that Nalini’s added a few more memos to her newsletter if you subscribe to it.
  • Azagoth by Larissa Ione – This officially released back in June, but wasn’t available outside of Amazon until September. I do understand the business reasons for people to choose exclusivity to Amazon, but I avoid buying books on AMZ. If it’s only on AMZ, I’ll either wait until it’s available elsewhere or just not read it. I say this because I was really disappointed when I discovered on release day that I couldn’t buy this story which I had really been anticipating at my preferred outlets. In the end, the story was a really good addition to the Demonica world, but my enthusiasm for it had waned.
  • Seize the Night by Tiffany Reisz – ARC from publisher at BEA – Tiffany told me at BEA she thought this was one of the best stories she’d written. I haven’t read all of her stuff, so I can’t comment with regards to her whole oeuvre, but I can tell you this was a damn good story. It’s part of an unlinked duology with Megan Hart, “Captivated”, who you also can’t go wrong with if you like emotional erotica.
  • Running Hot by HelenKay Dimon – ARC provided by publisher – prequel novella to Playing Dirty which I read in September. While I obviously got what was happening in Playing Dirty with no problem, this novella tells the romance of two side characters in PD and introduces the PD hero. It’s not in anyway necessary to read before PD, but it will add a richness to the reading experience. Also, hot spies in the field.
  • Twelfth Night by Deanna Raybourn – Enjoyable little mystery featuring Lady Julia Grey and family. I’d suggest reading soon after Silent Night as the events in TN happen about a week or so after SN.
  • Bonfire Night by Deanna Raybourn – This is the final, for now, story in the Lady Julia Grey world. It offers some closure of events which happened in TN, and is a quick read.


  • None

Total read in October and November (and May): 14
Total read in 2014: 82


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