Posted by: Katie | January 11, 2015

December reads

December was a light month for me, but not the lightest by any means. I’m choosing to blame this on the holiday season with *lots* of things happening (like going home for a family visit) and many people wanting my attention. In putting this list together, I know for sure that I will need to do a full accounting of the books I read in 2014, and reserve the right to change the final tally in my year-end round up.


  • Rogue Spy by Joanna Bourne – It had been a few books since I’d read JB. I read The Spymaster’s Lady and loved it, was a bit meh on My Lord and Spymaster, and could not get into Forbidden Rose. I skipped Black Hawk entirely when it came out, but I bought it. I saw my friends talking about RS when it released this year, and I decided to try JB once again. I’m so glad I did. I was reminded of the joy of reading TSL, and I immediately went to my bookshelf and grabbed BH as soon as I finished. Loved.
  • Black Hawk by Joanna Bourne – The structure of this story took a little while to get used to, but in the end, a very solid and enjoyable read. *Highly* recommend.
  • Haunted by Kay Bishop – The latest in the Bishop/SCU series, it wraps up and “reveals” some things I’ve suspected for a few books now. I enjoyed it, but I think this would be easier to understand if you were a reader of the series.
  • Her Ladyship’s Companion by Joanna Bourne – This was JB’s first published book (I think), and it occurs in the same world as RS and BH (Adrian from BH is even a secondary character), but you can tell that it is a romance of the 1980s. I’d suggest reading this if you have a love of old style regency romances or if you want to be a JB completist.
  • Revenant by Larissa Ione – Final in this cycle of the Demonica series. I really enjoyed it and it surprised me at points, but I thought Ione neatly wrapped up all of the threads of the series.
  • Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews – First in a new series. Urban fantasy with magic, and I really enjoyed how they’re handling the development of the main character. I like that there’s romantic tension, but I can also see where the main character hooking up with the potential love interest would not be in her best interests (and she knows this). So, thumbs up on a strong female lead for those who like urban fantasy.


  • None

Listened to

  • None


  • None


  • Blizzard by John Rocco – A *very* cute picture book that I totally want to share with my currently 7yo nephews and my younger niece and nephew. Based on the author’s own experiences as a child during a blizzard.

Total read in December: 7
Total read in 2014: 89


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