Posted by: Katie | May 2, 2015

March & April reads

I’d be more worried about the low-ish numbers (due to April), were it not for the fact that I/alter ego was managing the VIP duties for a writing conference during this period. Overall, a good two months.


  • Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop – So yummy. I think I devoured this book in a day. I’m really enjoying how the overall story arc of this series is unfolding, and am looking forward to next year’s book.
  • The Tempting of Thomas Carrick by Stephanie Laurens – The “first” of the next generation Cynsters. This was enjoyable and I’d rank it in the upper half of the series.
  • Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs – Interesting. I enjoyed the book, and there were some interesting background to Charles that was revealed. I was talking about the series with a friend, and I’m curious if the fact that I don’t read her Mercy Thompson series is interfering with what I’m getting out of this series as there are intertwining story lines.
  • The List by Anne Calhoun – FABULOUS!!! Seriously. Anne is a fantastic writer and I loved this story. It’s got dueling timelines, and is sensual as all hell. I adored the details about the heroine’s stationery business and her love of handwritten letters and notes.
  • Rock Hard by Nalini Singh – *SIGH* I had been eagerly anticipating this story since I first read Rock Addiction. Nalini delivered. And then some.
  • Who Buries the Dead by C.S. Harris – I found this reading experience a bit curious as I had binged on this series last year. There were still tics, mainly in description, that I noticed, but I am enjoying how the characters are progressing. I also like the way Harris weaves in notable historical happenings of the day.
  • This Gun for Hire by Jo Goodman – Solid, enjoyable story from Goodman. She is a gritty Western romance writer, but I found this particular book had less of a focus on sexual assault on some character as previous books. It was still there, but not as prominent.
  • The Royal We by Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan – This is one of those books I was obliquely referring to in the January & February post as I had started in February, but didn’t finish it until April. In fact, I read the last half of it on the day I got my signed copy. This is a book where it’s very important that the authors’ voice connects with you. There are so many storytelling choices that Heather and Jessica made that generally do not work for me, but their voice lifted me above those otherwise-annoyance points and delivered a fun story.
  • Perfect Touch by Elizabeth Lowell – This book frustrated me to no end. I normally have no problem dropping a book if it is not working for me for whatever reason. There are *a lot* of issues with this book that make me think no, or VERY little, developmental editing was done to it. About halfway through the book, I questioned myself why on Earth I was still reading since there were so many issues I was seeing. I thought it was Lowell’s author voice. Which was a factor. BUT. There’s always a but. But, after I finished the book I realized that I’d been rewriting it in my head as I read to what I consider the more polished version, and that is the story I was enjoying. So, do I recommend this? Not really. But I *really* wish I could as there is so much promise in this story for an exceptional read.


  • Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh – Read in anticipation of the release of Rock Hard. Still just as enjoyable as the first read.

Listened to

  • None


  • Rock Courtship by Nalini Singh – Technically a reread, and again in anticipation of the release of Rock Hard.
  • The Curious Case of Lady Latimer’s Shoes by Stephanie Laurens – I was kind of surprised to realize I had missed reading this when it first came out last year. This is much more focused on the mystery than the romance, so I’d be careful about recommending it to romance readers who are not familiar not only with Laurens but also her Barnaby Adair series.


  • Found by Salina Yoon – This counts, and probably for multiple times, as I not only read it myself but also to a class of pre-schoolers. *Highly* recommended for 3-4 year olds.

Read in March & April: 13
Read in 2015: 19


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