Posted by: Katie | January 24, 2016

Monthly Twitter chats for #RWA16 First-Timers

Greetings! After the success of last year’s chats (when I happened to choose an appropriate date/time), I will once again be holding monthly chats on Twitter for first-timers to the Romance Writers of America 2016 National Conference in San Diego to ask questions. If you’re going to the RT Convention in Las Vegas in April, feel free to join in as well as a lot of the information will be useful at both. RWA does not sponsor nor endorse (even if they drop in with useful information) these chats and I’m doing them on a strictly volunteer basis.

For the sake of some continuity, I have decided to hold these one-hour chats on the 2nd Monday of the month (except April for RT reasons) at 6 pm Eastern/3 pm Pacific. In order for me to see all of the questions, as well as Storify the chat later, the #RWA1st hashtag must be used in each tweet. You can certainly break up your question/answer into multiple tweets if you need to so there is room for the hashtag. If you have space, feel free to include #RWA16. If you cannot make the time of the chat, there are a number of programs where you can pre-schedule a tweet/series of tweets to post at the time of the chat. One other note for those with private/locked Twitter accounts: only the people who have requested to follow you, and you have approved can see your tweets. Even if you include my Twitter handle (@younglibrarian) in your tweet, I will not be able to see it unless I’m an approved follower of yours, which is not likely. You will either have to come out “in public” for this chat, or get a friend of yours who has a public account to ask your question for you.

Without further ado, here are the scheduled dates:



  1. Looking forward to this. Thanks!

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